Recognition and incentives award programs

How to Get Creative with Incentives

Award programs and incentives have been proven to boost morale, increase employee loyalty and retention and raise productivity. Consistent recognition is necessary to maintaining a work environment that is beneficial to both employee and company alike. Sometimes a bonus may … Read More

Employees Closest to the Work Know the Most About It

Oftentimes when we think about employee communication, we think about top-down communication. The message from the CEO, HR articles and information about key initiatives are all incredibly important pieces of communication. Employees want to know what is going on and … Read More

Discovering Your Organization’s Secret Sauce

If your organization is nothing more than a means to a paycheck for the majority of your employees, then you are missing out on one of the biggest opportunities to transform your organization into a sustainable powerhouse. When employees feel … Read More

How a Points Based Reward System Pays Off

In the latest Gallup employment survey, 51% of workers in the US are actively looking for new jobs or watching job boards. It’s an astounding number when you think about it. On average, half of the workforce is spending time … Read More

Moving the Employee Experience Forward

Don’t you get frustrated when employees complain about the lack of communication in your organization? Your organization invests in company newsletters, all-employee meetings, weekly emails and an intranet, yet the information you are pushing out is not sinking in with … Read More

What Is Employee Engagement?

Free Webinar! I have heard many executives say that employee engagement is a topic that is a moving target; that engagement means different things to different people. That is undoubtedly true. The field of employee engagement is relatively young – … Read More

Delegation: A Management Practice that Builds Trust

I recently wrote an article on workplace burnout. This is a big-time problem in the workplace today – in particular, most managers we work with talk about how they do not have enough time in the day. A study by … Read More

Managing People

Managing People

Most of us have heard the phrase, “people don’t quit the company, they quit their boss.” One of the most important factors in raising the level of employee engagement is the quality of management. Unfortunately, many managers rise into their … Read More

Employee Engagement

Inauthentic Organizations versus Authentic Organizations

There are a number of signals that help us understand the health of an organization’s culture: customer satisfaction, employee engagement scores, level of innovation.  Some organizations excel in these areas because they have developed an authentic culture, one where the … Read More

Investing in Employee Engagement

Investors Taking Note of Employee Engagement

Why might investors ask an organization for information and data on employee engagement and human resource practices before making an investment? Based on countless studies, highly engaged workforces and organizational performance are tightly connected. Investors are realizing they can earn … Read More