Am I a Manager or a Leader?

Driving Employee Engagement As we work through the top drivers of employee engagement, one phrase comes to mind, “Employees do not quit companies, they quit supervisors.” The supervisor-employee relationship is incredibly important. People want to know if their boss has … Read More

Communication Is Not a One-way Street!

As mentioned in last week’s blog, one of the top drivers of employee engagement is regular, two-way communication with management. In fact, employees express this need so often, we rank it as the number one universal driver of engagement. Communication … Read More

What Do Employees Want? Taking a High Level View…

Employee Engagement Studies After poring through dozens of employee engagement research studies and working directly with clients on their engagement strategies, we have compiled a top ten list of universal drivers of employee engagement. These are the most commonly cited … Read More

The Future of Employee Engagement

The evolution of the employee/employer relationship is ever-changing. Two generations ago, it was not uncommon for employees to sign on to lifetime employment with one organization. My grandfather spent his entire career at Green Giant Corporation and retired in his … Read More