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"The art of communication is the language of leadership."

- James Humes, author and presidential speechwriter

Drive Engagement Through Communication

Our communication tools are all about connections. We connect upper management to the larger employee population in new ways, fostering efficient and effective dialogue through the use of the latest technology. We also help enhance the relationship employees have with their direct supervisor through new sets of communication tools.

Finally, we help foster new social connections among employees that help strengthen the culture and the relationships employees have with their coworkers. Technology is not an end-all, but it does efficiently enable social connection and that allows employees to build their social capital at work and ultimately raises their level of engagement on the job.

Our communication portal has the following features:

Mobile Friendly

Make your employee communication and information sources available from smart phones – this creates a more modern and pleasant experience for employees, especially Millennials, who are quickly becoming the largest part of the American workforce.

Health and Wellness

Move your wellness programs into an active state by creating fun and interactive programs among employees through the use of technology. Easily set up fun wellness competitions, on-line employee healthy recipe books and walking/running groups to bring employees together for healthy activities.

Feedback Loops

Attach a quick survey to a company news event, such as the company picnic to see how the event could be even better next year. Or create a discussion board around a new continuous improvement idea.

Industry Alerts

Create an area for industry news, using “google alerts” to post stories on your organization or other industry events as they occur.

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