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“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

– Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company

Organization Development

Our accredited organization development consultants are trained to dive deep into your culture and help you find solutions to deep-rooted and complex issues. We start by building a relationship with key decision-makers and finding out where the problem areas exist. From there, we recommend an improvement model that fits your culture and situation.

We also offer more hands-on organization development services:

Strategic Planning

We help organizations create and implement strategies that excite and engage the entire team. We choose a strategic planning process that fits your culture and goals.

Leadership Training and Development

Our consultants help leaders become more self-aware and build skills to effectively manage high functioning teams. This can take the shape of executive coaching or working with cohorts of leaders to develop skills and knowledge.

Change Management

We help people embrace changes that might originate from technology implementations, M/A activity, new leadership, process improvements, new product introductions and many other situations. Our consultants work with organizations to prepare, communicate and implement changes using well defined and established change models.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

We help cohorts of employees deal with stress, improve self-awareness and build intuitive intelligence by teaching people how to deeply meditate and reflect. Our programs can be tailored to accommodate busy employee schedules and specific goals.

Socio-Economic Approach to Management (SEAM)

Dysfunctions cost an average of $24,000 in hidden costs per employee per year in organizations. Our consultants help reduce hidden costs through a proven and sustainable change process involves the implementation of new tools, management coaching and specific improvement projects.

Innovation Programs

We facilitate innovation programs that engage employees and breathe new life into organizations that are looking to grow and flourish. We use a combination of dialogical change models and gamification to tap into the creativity and innovation of the organization.

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