Oftentimes when we think about employee communication, we think about top-down communication. The message from the CEO, HR articles and information about key initiatives are all incredibly important pieces of communication. Employees want to know what is going on and it is critically important to keep them engaged on these topics so they feel confident the organization has a strong future.

What many organizations forget is to provide bottom-up communication systems. Where are employees given the opportunity to express their thoughts on the direction of the organization, concerns about their own work space or work processes, or opportunities for improvement and growth? One of my mentors would repeatedly say, “the employees closest to the work know the most about it.”

Most organizations have one or two ways for this occur, but organizations that really excel in this area provide a multitude of bottom-up communication methods. Here are some ideas, along with some pros and cons of each. I invite you to add to this list and share your thoughts on pros and cons of each as you comment on this blog post!

Again, it is important to have many ways for employees to communicate up to management. People have different communication preferences, and the information employees want to share may best be served by various methods. Organizations benefit from higher levels of employee engagement and one way to achieve that is through enhanced communication systems.



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