Minneapolis, MN, June 6, 2017 — Private investors today announced the launch of a new company, Transcend Engagement, which offers a fully integrated employee engagement platform. Utilizing proprietary software and systems never used in the market before, the company provides leading-edge products that promise to engage the workforce and provide an ROI to clients. The privately held company has spent the past year developing the following employee engagement products and services for organizations:

  • Customizable award and recognition platform
  • Mobile-friendly communication platform
  • Modern performance management system
  • Accredited organization development consulting

The innovative new company, based in Minneapolis, MN, has a national reach, providing products and services across the United States to a wide variety of industries and organizations.

“Many organizations struggle with improving employee engagement, so we have developed unique products and services that will allow for companies to experience positive employee engagement both quickly and affordably. We believe organizations can realize an extraordinarily high ROI when they are ready to deploy proven solutions that improve the work environment.”

Bob RandallChief Executive Officer and Founder

The company is quickly becoming a thought leader in the rapidly expanding employee engagement space.

“We researched the space closely and found that employee engagement is highly correlated to results, yet organizations often struggle deploying solutions after they receive their employee survey results. We have developed solutions that are proven to be effective and are easy to implement.”

Bob RandallChief Executive Officer and Founder

Find out more on Transcend Engagement by visiting www.transcendengagement.com or by calling 612-225-4700. Its team of solution providers offer free consultations, demos and educational opportunities for clients interested in learning more about the ROI of employee engagement.

About Transcend Engagement

Transcend Engagement’s accredited professionals work with clients to create strategies, measurements and programs to create a culture of engagement aimed at producing an ROI for organizations. Transcend operates out of Minneapolis, MN but serves companies around the United States.



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