Recognition and incentives award programs

Award programs and incentives have been proven to boost morale, increase employee loyalty and retention and raise productivity. Consistent recognition is necessary to maintaining a work environment that is beneficial to both employee and company alike. Sometimes a bonus may be possible, but many other times companies set in place rewards and recognition/incentive programs that allow for gifts to be given to employees who stand out.

There are many benefits to establishing an employee incentive program, or simply allowing your managers to reward employees with gifts or awards, commending them for their efforts.

Not only will employees have a positive attitude about their company and their manager, they also establish good rapport and relationships with their coworkers when they feel acknowledged and appreciated. Sometimes appreciation is hard to do frequently with words- this is where small gifts and reward programs work well. Aside from the benefit of employees being able to stand out and be recognized for their hard work, they will be motivated to reach higher levels of performance and achievement, leading to better results for all.

Although gifts and incentive programs are excellent for current employees, employee welcome kits can also be an excellent way to bring a new hire into the culture. Giving your new employee free swag and company branded materials can make them feel like part of the team right away- and going above and beyond will give the immediate impression that they are at a company that truly cares about recognizing and rewarding its employees.

With different options available, you can even customize your gifts to accommodate age ranges, interests, and many different demographic variables. Whereas a company store or mass-produced company gift might be a good way to recognize the company’s achievements, more personalized programs might involve an emblematic award program where an employee earns a pin or a ring personalized with their name and year, based on years of service or an achievement. Having an employee survey as part of the program you implement can be a good way to identify adjustments needed along the way that will best serve employees (and get the best recognition bang for the buck).

Check out some great examples of employee incentives and recognition opportunities below:

  •             Sales Incentives
  •             Years of Service Anniversary Awards
  •             New Hire
  •             Retirement
  •             Customer Service
  •             Safety Milestones
  •             Executive and Holiday Gifts
  •             Project Completion
  •             Performance Recognition
  •             Job Promotion
  •             Corporate Raffles
  •             Dealer Incentives
  •             Outstanding Attendance
  •             Department Leadership
  •             Demonstrated Teamwork

Recognition opportunities range far and wide, and we have many ideas for different ways you can recognize these achievements or milestones with your employees.In the download below, we will tell you different ideas for gifts ranging from retirement, new hires, and project completions all the way to promotions, safety, and sales incentives.


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