Managing People

Most of us have heard the phrase, “people don’t quit the company, they quit their boss.” One of the most important factors in raising the level of employee engagement is the quality of management.

Unfortunately, many managers rise into their positions with very little training when it comes to managing people. We also find that the training many have received is based on an old-school style of management, often incorporating authoritarian methods of management that are founded on industrial age practices.

We have conducted extensive research in the space of leadership and employee engagement. We have found that while the workforce and the nature of work has changed, the style of management has not changed sufficiently. We believe there are five critical factors when it comes to managing people in today’s work environment:

  1. Building Trust: delegating important tasks, follow through, showing you care
  2. Coaching: giving feedback, creating a helping relationship, developing employees
  3. Vision: painting a picture of the future, what is the higher purpose?, communication
  4. Accountability: setting standards, holding people to standards
  5. Negotiation: two-way communication, coming to agreements with employees

Each critical factor above is a learning module for managers and supervisors when we conduct training. We have a “Seasoned Manager Series” and a “New Manager Series” – both covering the five critical factors, but tailored toward different experience levels.

In our next blog, we will include a link for a “how to” guide for managers who would like to build more trust with their employees and among team members, through delegation.

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