Don’t you get frustrated when employees complain about the lack of communication in your organization? Your organization invests in company newsletters, all-employee meetings, weekly emails and an intranet, yet the information you are pushing out is not sinking in with employees despite your best efforts.

Perhaps it is time to engage employees in the manner they get communication outside of work: an interactive social site on their mobile devices! What does an interactive social site do for the employee experience? Structured properly, a communication portal can be the following:

  • An engaging platform as it fosters two-way interaction
  • A timesaver for HR that is often more cost-effective than current forms of communication
  • Mobile friendly – it reaches employees where they spend the most time
  • Differentiator – in the fight for talent, attract the best and brightest with a modern employee communication system

Let HR improve the employee experience with intuitive technology that is cost-effective and saves HR time – when else has that ever happened? The future is now – to learn more about the Transcend communication portal, sign up for a free demo here!

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