Employee Engagement Training

One of the biggest conundrums for employers today is finding the formula for improving employee engagement. Big data companies, such as Gallup and AON Hewitt have been measuring employee engagement for over a decade. In aggregate, employee engagement has remained persistently low. According to Gallup, approximately two thirds of employees have remained disengaged for over ten years.

A recent poll cited by Forbes noted that just 22% of organizations said they were getting good results from their engagement surveys. In the study, 13% of respondents said their results have actually declined, 31% said their scores have remained about the same and 34% said they didn’t know if they were getting good results because they only survey sporadically.

When organizations spend so much time measuring employee engagement and they know it is tightly linked to results, why do organizations struggle to make improvements? I am doing some research on this topic and would like to hear from you. Let’s create a dialogue – post your comments here, on one of our social media outlets or email me at bob@transcendengagement.com.

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