In the latest Gallup employment survey, 51% of workers in the US are actively looking for new jobs or watching job boards. It’s an astounding number when you think about it. On average, half of the workforce is spending time and effort on finding a new job.

There are many things employers can do to make themselves a more attractive place to work. Some upgrade the physical work environment. Some create more flexible work hours. Some increase their benefits. All great ideas!

Another way to retain and attract top talent is to do something widespread that nudges the culture in a positive direction: create an appreciation strategy. Yes, a high number of workers end up leaving or being poached by a competitor because they simply do not feel they are appreciated by their boss, or by the organization in general.

One thing organizations can do to make appreciation easy, widespread and effective is to implement a points-based appreciation program. A points-based program enables a supervisor to employee appreciation by allocating a certain number of points to a supervisor each month so they can gift points to employees in the organization for a special effort, a noteworthy accomplishment or a milestone reached. The employee is able to redeem their points for a range of gifts set up by the organization, such as movie tickets, logoed apparel, or a personalized Crossä pen.

Programs can be customized to accommodate peer-to-peer recognition, department recognition or a multitude of other options. Points-based programs can be run in the cloud, so they are incredibly easy to administer as well. In addition, a mobile-friendly points-based system enables instant recognition for busy managers who are on the go.

In the end, an organization can quickly increase the level of appreciation in the workplace today with a points-based appreciation program to ensure their employees feel appreciated and are less likely to spend their time looking for a new place of employment.

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