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“There are two things people want more than money: recognition and praise.”

– Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

Create a Culture of Appreciation

Recognition is one of the primary drivers of employee engagement. Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to stay and often feel more committed to the organization, resulting in a higher level of effort and performance. We work closely with organizations to help them create a culture of appreciation. For example,

  • Appreciation for an employee’s years of service
  • Recognition of an employee’s or team’s successful accomplishment
  • Awards for working safely
  • A public shout-out to an employee who worked extra hard on a task
  • A personal thank-you card

Research Based

Our approach is rooted in research. We start with Social Exchange Theory (SET), which is the belief that the employee – employer relationship is based on mutual commitment. In other words, when the organization or the supervisor goes out of their way to recognize an employee, the employee then feels compelled to return the commitment to the organization and/or the supervisor. The employee is more likely to go the extra mile and spend their discretionary time on goals important to the organization when goodwill is banked up by the organization through a strong recognition effort.

Menu of Recognition Tools

Awards programs

Effective awards programs create meaningful goodwill with employees. Our experts help you create awards programs that are high impact, yet easy to administer. Awards programs can focus on safety, sales achievements, years of service, a team accomplishment or something specific to your organization. Our experts work with you to set up the most effective program with the highest possible ROI.


SocialStream™ is an internal social media platform that allows your employees to create their own personalized pages, give shout-outs to each other, share information, create discussion groups and communicate with each other in new ways.

Communication Portal

The Communication Portal is an internal portal that allows you to publicly recognize employees for key milestones, such as a service anniversary, birthday or key accomplishments. One of our added features can automate emails to supervisors when employees have key milestone dates, such as birthdays or company anniversary dates.

Appreciation Kit

The Appreciation Kit is a set of personalized appreciation tools given to supervisors to make the old fashioned, but highly effective “thank you” note easy to pass out to deserving employees.

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