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I have heard many executives say that employee engagement is a topic that is a moving target; that engagement means different things to different people. That is undoubtedly true. The field of employee engagement is relatively young – having been created in the 1990’s and only becoming mainstream in the past 5-10 years. Questions abound about employee engagement:

  • How is employee engagement defined? Is there relative agreement among professionals about what engagement really is?
  • Why does employee engagement matter? Why is this topic gaining so much interest?
  • How do organizations better understand their own levels of employee engagement?
  • What steps can organizations and managers take to begin improving engagement among their own employees?

On October 5th, we will be hosting a webinar that will answer these questions and more. We have conducted extensive research on the topic and have developed a “back to the basics” guide for understanding and managing employee engagement. We intend to peel the onion back on engagement so that leaders can be more effective in making their work environments more cohesive, effective and yes, engaging.

Free Webinar

Kickstart your Employee Engagement: Back to Basics


Bob Randall

For those attending the 30-minute webinar, we will be offering a free pulse survey so that you can either start or reignite your employee engagement efforts. The complementary survey includes a free initial consultation and post-survey consultation when the results are delivered. Transcend Engagement customizes, administers and delivers the survey, all with no obligation to you or your organization. We invite you to join us for this webinar October 5th.:

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